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How memory care enriches seniors’ lives at Crimson Village

A diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can mean dramatic life changes for both patient and family members. The primary indicator, memory loss, can make it challenging to continue living independently. But other less widely known symptoms can create potential health risks.

Difficulty organizing, planning, or problem-solving can lead to potential issues with managing healthcare appointments or medication schedules. Loss of appetite can lead to weight loss and even malnutrition. Dexterity and mobility issues can make it difficult to perform self-care or hygienic tasks such as bathing and dressing, while additional psychological changes such as depression and mood swings may reduce the effort put into such tasks.

Choosing specialized care designed specifically for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s can significantly impact the quality of life and cognitive retention, as well as keeping psychological issues like depression and anxiety at bay.

The staff at The Tides has been carefully chosen and trained to care for people with cognitive decline, ensuring residents get the highest standard of care while encouraging each person to live as independently as possible. The Tides’ staff consider it their mission to provide individualized, creative, loving care in a family atmosphere, with a licensed nurse available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the entire team works together to ensure that residents have the physical and emotional support they need:

Daily assistance with chores like bathing and dressing, as well as incontinent care and toileting as needed. In addition, staff members provide timely reminders and escorts for meals and activities throughout the day.

Housekeeping services are provided to all residents to eliminate the burden of things like laundry, linen changes, and weekly housekeeping.

Nutrition and wellness support include daily prepared meals and snacks, hydration stations to encourage water consumption, and medication administration. The nursing staff coordinates directly with pharmacists and doctors to ensure medications are administered on time and as directed for maximum benefit. In addition, The Tides also provides transportation services (upon appointment) for doctor visits or other local travel.

In addition to necessary care and assistance, the staff at The Tides also offers meaningful daily activities, weekly outings, and a variety of therapy and games designed to stimulate cognition.

Their dedication to offering art-based interventions and other engagement opportunities – along with regular social and educational programs – plays a key role in the mental health of those in need of memory care.

If your loved one reaches a point where living independently becomes problematic or impossible, it’s important to be prepared for their next phase of life. Explore all the ways that Crimson Village offers memory care options onsite to allow for a smooth transition from their current situation to their possible future living arrangements. You can learn more about available amenities, floor plans, and medical support by clicking here or contacting our team members by email at or by phone at 205-632-6699 to discuss your specific needs.

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