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Assisted Living Community in Tuscaloosa, AL

Playing Foosball

Crimson Village is a 91 apartment assisted living facility owned and operated by Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty. It has been his vision to serve the senior community with "top notch" care and services. Our new community has something for everyone at an affordable cost. The facility has 5 different floor plans to choose from, ranging from a studio to a two bedroom apartment. The facility is designed to encourage opportunities for socialization as well as growth for each resident independently. The facility lends itself to these goals by having lavish common areas and still providing places for even entertaining their own family and friends.


Included in our facility is a 32 bed specialty care assisted living facility, better known as The Tides. This unit is for residents with Alzheimer's and dementia. This secured unit will have not only assistance with daily living but cutting edge therapies for those with cognitive disease.


Please call or come by for more information about our new Crimson Village and The Tides.

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