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Dating Is Good for Your Health, Especially Over 65

Dating In Your Golden Years

We already know that staying physically active through your later years offers a number of health benefits, like reduced chronic pain, delay and even prevention of certain diseases, and faster recovery from illness or injury. But maintaining personal connections, friendships, and relationships can also have a major impact on overall wellness.

Adults benefit from social interaction just like children do. Participating in fun group activities – and even dating – helps to offset stress and lead to happy, fulfilling lives. Dating is one great way to maintain a vibrant social life, make new friends, and find reasons to go out occasionally. In fact, dating over age 65 offers some specific health benefits:

Senior Dating Keeps the Doctor Away

People who are in caring relationships – whether romantic or not – are more likely to take better care of themselves. You just naturally become responsible and careful about your health and overall wellness. You’re also likely to become more conscientious about your appearance and overall hygiene, so you won’t tend to get sick as easily.

Positive Mental Health Implications

Let’s face it: most of the time, dating is just fun. Who says it’s only for the young? The endorphins your body releases make you happy and give you a better, more positive outlook on life, which can have significant mental health implications for seniors. A happier, more optimistic outlook also means significantly reduced incidents of stress, which could otherwise lead to depression and anxiety.

Healthy Blood Pressure Level

In the Annals of Behavioral Medicine study, researchers found that happily married people had the best blood pressure. At the other end of the spectrum, people who were genuinely unhappy had it the worst, regardless of their relationship status. Clearly, positive relationships like building new friendships and dating in your senior years can be great for a healthy blood pressure level.

No Pain, More Gain

Many studies support the phenomenon that people tend to feel and complain less about physical pain when they’re in happy, positive relationships. Instead, the body aches and joint pain that can come with age will be tempered by the rush of endorphins from dating.

Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

All of the health benefits we mentioned above point to one thing: an overall longer, healthier, happier life because of engaging, fulfilling beautiful relationships in your senior years. Because social interaction is such a critical part of maintaining both physical and mental health for seniors, it’s important to select a senior living facility that provides the level of social interaction that is both supportive and comfortable for the residents.

Crimson Village in Tuscaloosa offers opportunities to participate in group and individual activities both at the facility and on day trips. Game days, crafting, shopping, ice cream socials – plus visitors from the surrounding community – offer plenty of chances to get to know other residents and start building lasting relationships.

You can learn more about the social environment at Crimson Village – as well as the many other amenities, floor plans, and medical support – by exploring our website for additional information here or contacting our helpful team members by email at or by phone at 205-632-6699 to discuss your specific needs. Reach out directly to your transition specialist Tim Eads at 205-344-2855.

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