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Retiring in Tuscaloosa Means Low-Cost Living and Lots to Do

More than 46 million Americans are currently retired, representing about 14% of the country’s total population. And while more retirees are relocating, they can’t all move to Florida.

Kiplinger’s rated Alabama #6 on its list of best places to retire in the U.S., noting the state’s low cost of living and below-average healthcare costs. Alabama also offers a lot of the same retirement attractions as its more expensive neighbor warm weather, nice beaches, and plenty of golf—all at a lower price.

Dig a little deeper and it’s easy to see why Tuscaloosa is a popular destination within the state to spend those golden years: Tuscaloosa is a diverse community, full of young people drawn to the three schools of higher learning located here. The city also offers a low cost of living, a transit system, medical center, libraries, a lovely lake, and several parks.

As with many college towns, Tuscaloosa benefits from the many cultural events including art exhibits, music, and exciting sporting events generated by The University of Alabama, which makes it appealing to retirees with more leisure time on their hands. Because the university brings football fans, students, and potential students, you’ll also find more great restaurants and shops than you might expect of a town its size.

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about retiring to Tuscaloosa is Crimson Village. The retirement community offers both assisted living and memory care on-site, along with other key benefits:

● On-site healthcare for quick, professional care for minor medical issues, routine checkups, and vaccinations as needed without leaving the property.

● Individual apartments for a sense of home along with shared social spaces for a sense of community.

● Safety and security of knowing your loved one has someone to check in on them daily, make sure they are getting out and attending mealtimes, and monitored for changes in behavior and condition can greatly help family members.

● Transportation to and from medical appointments and shopping trips, so residents don’t have to worry about driving.

● Easy transition from assisted living to higher levels of care. Medical staff on-site can provide the necessary evaluations for moves to memory care or skilled nursing, as needed.

● Community engagement featuring a full slate of social and wellness activities to maintain a regular schedule and a sense of fun. Residents are free to participate – or not – as they choose. The calendar of Crimson Village activities includes:

○ Holiday celebrations

○ Bingo

○ Penny auctions

○ Wine and cheese events

○ Recreational outings, like fishing trips, boating, and other weekly outings

Because social interaction is such a critical part of maintaining both physical and mental health for seniors, it’s important to select a senior living facility that provides a level of social interaction that is both supportive and comfortable for the residents.

You can learn more about the social environment at Crimson Village – as well as the many other amenities, floor plans, and medical support – by completing the form fill at the bottom of this page. You can also contact Crimson Village’s dedicated team members by email at or by phone at 205-632-6699 to discuss your specific needs.

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