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What are VA Benefits? How can they help pay for Assisted Living or Dementia Care?

Veterans and Assisted Living

As you or your family members age, living independently may become difficult or no longer suitable. There are various options available for those seeking assisted living

or memory care, as well as financial assistance. If you or your loved one is a veteran, there are many services available and plans to help cover expenses. Here’s a breakdown of some of your options.

Long-term care is any setting where those who are no longer able to care for themselves or live independently. Nursing homes are usually more hospital-like and serve those with many chronic medical needs. Assisted living provides a more home-like setting but typically does not require the same level of medical care as would come with a nursing home.

Assisted living is what many people who can no longer live by themselves would prefer: an entire room or apartment, not a hospital bed, more freedom and activities, but still able to provide many different kinds of help when needed. Many assisted living facilities also allow pets, which are not permitted in a nursing home. But someone who is a veteran might hesitate. Veterans’ physical and mental needs can differ from the general aging population, and many think that only a VA home will provide those needs – or will be the only place a veteran can afford.

While VA homes are one option for veterans, other assisted living facilities can provide for many of the exact needs. Indeed, most direct VA benefits can only be used in VA homes, but various services can help pay for assisted living. One advantage of using a separate assisted living facility is that you or your loved one can choose a place that fits your needs and is nearby. In addition to that, there may be less of a waiting list for one of those facilities.

Like with the additional services available to a veteran, there are additional options to pay for an assisted living facility. The Improved Pension Benefit, also known as the Aid and Attendance Benefit, is a monthly payment given to eligible veterans and their usual pension. To qualify, the veteran must be unable to perform specific tasks independently (such as those that would qualify them for assisted living) and have various unreimbursed medical costs.

Memory Care is specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. In a setting like Crimson Village, memory care brings a home-like setting, just like assisted living does. Residents can easily visit with family and friends, attend activities, eat in their own dining room, enjoy the outdoors and listen to live music. With 24 Hour staffing for safety, monitoring, and oversight, a place like Crimson Village can become the perfect solution for the hard decisions to come.

What if you’re not fully ready? Or what if you only need help with a loved one periodically? Respite Care is a short-term stay to give a caregiver a break or an opportunity to travel, and know their loved one is in good hands. Respite is another solution for those recovering from surgery and not quite up to being at home alone. Crimson Village offers respite with a daily fee which includes nursing care, furnished room, and meals. A plan of care and TB skin test is required by a physician, and the patient must be a one-person assist.

Crimson Village Assisted Living and Memory Care is open to those who are receiving Aid and Attendance benefits. If you or your loved one qualifies, contact Tim Eads at 205-344-2855 and see how living at the Crimson Village might be for you.

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